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About Tonya....
the ADHD Coach

I am an ADHD Coach, Author, Advocate, and Speaker, well informed in living life with ADHD. I have been where many parents find themselves today with an ADHD diagnosis. When we began our journey in 1999 with my then 5-year-old son, there were not many resources available for families, especially for the families in the black and brown community.  


My inspiration in being an ADHD Coach was birthed from the lack of awareness, education, and support in the black and brown community in me coaching children and families during my own process . Sadly, some years later not much has changed, but today we have to power to change the narrative.  


Through my style of coaching, I bring my own personal experience along with my professional expertise to the table. I work with each client to define what ADHD is and understanding the unique wiring of an ADHD brain. By embracing the many challenges of ADHD, my clients are empowered to explore their strengths, weaknesses, while thinking out of the box to create a space for success. With each engagement, I work with my clients to unleash the power, granting access to specific tools, strategies, and systems to successfully advance forward in their journey. 


Nationwide, I partner with those parents, families, educators, and related services professionals I call, "The Village" to equip, empower, and engage as we navigate through an ADHD diagnosis. While I support and advocate for all people struggling with an ADHD diagnosis, I am passionate about my reach in the black and brown community as I served as an effective agent of change. 

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