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I am Tonya Irby-Langley, a God-fearing wife, daughter, sister, friend, and sometimes a nemesis. I’m also, a tea-sipping around the way type of girl, but greatest title Of then all is Mommy… you see I am one of the many faces of mothers in this country who raised or are raising a black or brown child with ADHD. I am she and she is me!!! 


How this all came to be was when one of the many loves of my life, my son was diagnosed with ADHD. I have always been a journaler. My primary purpose is to educate, and to give you the tools to set your child up for success, regardless of the “label” or “diagnosis” your child has been given. I am a mother, and I have been where many of you are today. When I went through my process, there were not many resources available for mothers and children of color who looked like me. I look like you, my child looks like your child. We are YOU! 


I will never forget the day I walked out of the neurologist office with a diagnosis, a script in my hand, and an excused absence note for work and school. I was sick to my stomach from devastation. I was in complete awe. As an inexperienced black mother of a five-year-old, I stood at a crossroad. I cried, but I quickly snapped out of it when my vibrant, on demand baby boy said, “Mommy, stop crying you got this” And he was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I’ve had it all along. Eighteen years later, I stand firm in my truth,  knowing I am the agent of change, not only for my son, but also for my community, and the thousands of black and brown children and their families struggling with this diagnosis. 


Through many trials and tribulations, I finally understand that all of the heartache and struggle was only to prepare me... My mission is to ensure anyone affected by an ADHD diagnosis is equipped with the tools for success, but I am especially passionate about the black and brown community having these tools.  

When I look back over my life, it brings me great joy to know what I once thought was a punishment, was actually an honor, and a privilege to carry.  God trusted ME!  


Grace & Peace!

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